Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Dig Lit Year In Review

Dear Bloggers,

Here I am writing my review of the digital literacy class for the entire year. I will definitely say I learned a bit in movie making, different slide making websites, organizing work, using the Google platforms, and making things such as graphs and tables. All of these skills proved to be valuable in presentation making for other school subjects. However, I will also say the class was frustrating at times with the amount of work loads and grades received. I always filled out assignments to the best of my abilities and think they turned out pretty well done. It was honestly frustrating to hear people getting 130s on assignments and 108s on their final in other classes while our class was struggling to get a 95. In the future at SHS, a common grade requirement must be made between these digital literacy classes. All of the classes are learning the same material, but there's no reason why someone in one class gets a 100 for just doing the assignment while someone in another class does it very well and gets a 93. There needs to be consistency as this could affect us down the road. I'm not saying this class as a whole was frustrating, as I will admit I did learn lot in the technical world as I was not very good with technology before. Just, I wish some things could have been different grading and assignment wise, as I'm sure the rest of our class would agree. I'm only writing this in all honesty of my class review, but the class was mainly enjoyable.

Thank You,
Evan Abramson

Dig Lit Final Reflection

Dear Bloggers,

The final project in digital literacy was actually fun to make. The Slideshow presentation I made on Emaze was a good way to show all of the skills I had learned this year. I was able to make neat, organized slides along with graphs that showed my information uniquely. The video aspect of the project was also fun to make as I incorporated my whole family into filming roles. I taught myself how to use iMovie for the project as its quality is far better than that of YouTube Editor. To see all of my skills come together for this final project was nice, and I really think I should have earned a 100 on it as I fulfilled all the requirements and then some for the project.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Final Project

Dear Bloggers,

Sadly, I think this may end up being my last blog. I am writing here to promote my final project for digital literacy. The project was actually quite fun to make as I had to create a slideshow and movie on the future career I wish to hold. I hope to one day become the GM of the Boston Celtics and I made my slideshow using Emaze and movie using iMovie. Here is the link to my project below! Enjoy!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Career Outline and Spreadsheets

Dear Bloggers,

Along with creating the infographic for my future career as an NBA GM, I also had to create a data spreadsheet for the colleges I hope to select from and a career outline. The spreadsheets were a cool way to show the differences in expenses for college tuition with bar graphs, tables, and pie charts. The outline was a large list of things to do with my job in the future. Here is a copy of  my outline below:

NBA General Manager

  1. Career
  1. NBA basketball general manager

  1. 2 Related Career Options
  1. Statistical consultant
  2. Sports agent
  3. Basketball assistant/head coach

  1. Job Responsibilities
  1. Overseeing all business and financial operations of the team
  2. Play a role in public relations as they are often the face of the front office
  3. Heavily involved in player personnel decisions
  4. Handles free agents, drafting players, releasing players, trading players, and extending new contract extensions for players
  5. Have to attend meetings and conferences with employees and fellow general managers
  6. Must promote new products that the team endorses
  7. Scout college players at combines and pro-days
  8. Must deal with financial and salary cap issues

  1. Working Conditions
  1. Air conditioned office environment
  2. Have my own office, desk, and supplies
  3. Provided with statistics and analytics from other employees
  4. Around at least 40-50 hours a week working on various plans
  5. Would need to commute to the team’s facility each day
  6. Would have the option to fly to away games with the team
  7. Entertaining free agents at the team facility and around town to convince them to sign

  1. Skills and Training Needed
  1. Problem Solving
  1. Need to be able to make a deal in tough situations
  2. A deal may fail to fall through, and effective ways must be used to salvage it
  1. How many years of school will be needed?
  1. There is no specific requirement, but a four year college degree is expected at the least
  2. The degree should be in management, communication, politics, or a similar area
     C.  Social skills
  1. Need to be able to communicate with peers
  2. Be able to make a sale on a player
  3. Be capable of creating electronic presentations

  1. Job Opportunities
  1. There are 30 franchises in the NBA, with some being small market and some large
  2. First would need to come along as an assistant or something lower in the system
  3. Eventually would need to work my way up through the system
  4. Ideal franchises would be:
  1. Boston Celtics as they are close to home
  2. Chicago Bulls as they are close to where I hope to attend college
  3. New York Knicks as they are a high market franchise with large expenses
  4. Los Angeles Lakers as they are a storied franchise and in a nice location
  5. Golden State Warriors as they have a great young team to build around
  1. Job Outlook
  1. Increase/Decrease
  1. Only 30 of this job exists in the world, so no growth percentages
  1. Job Demand
  1. The job only has 29 offerings in the United States and 1 in Canada (Toronto)
  2. On average, there are only a few openings at most per year after firings

  1. Expected Salary
  1. First time salary: Averaged in the upper hundred thousands (700-900)
  2. More experienced: Averaged between 1-3 million annually
  3. Long Tenured: About 5 million
  4. Top NBA gm, Phil Jackson makes north of $10 million

  1. Colleges
A. Northwestern University
A.) Contact Information
  1. (847) 491-3741
  3. 33 Clark St, Evanston, IL 60208
B.)  Expenses
  1. Tuition (Same in-state and out-of-state): $48, 624
  2. Fees (Health $200, ASG $174, Athletic $49): $423
  3. Room and Board: $14,936
  4. Personal Expenses: $2,457
  5. Loan Fee: $35
  6. Transportation: Varies
  7. Total: $68,095
B.  Stanford University
A.) Contact Information
  1. (650) 723-2300
  3. 450 Serra Mall, Stanford, CA 94305
B.) Expenses
  1. Tuition & Fees (In-State): $43,683
  2. Tuition & Fees (Out of State): $43,683
  3. Room and Board: $13,166
  4. Books and Supplies: $1,500
  5. Other Expenses: $2,400
  6. Transportation: Varies
  7. Total: $60,749
C. Duke University
A.) Contact Information
  1. (919) 684-2823
  2. 615 Chapel Drive, Durham, NC 90563
B.) Expenses

  1. Tuition & Fees: $49,498
  2. Room: $8,006
  3. Board: $6,684
  4. Books, Supplies, and Personal Expenses: $3,466
  5. Transportation: Dependent upon home address
  6. Total: $67,654

Thursday, January 7, 2016


Dear Bloggers,

This past week, I had to create an info-graphic on on a career
choice that I would like to have in the future. The career I would love to have is
becoming a GM for a NBA franchise. Here is the info-graphic centered below:

Here are the Citations for this project:

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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Career Ideas

Dear Bloggers,

Recently in digital literacy class, we have been looking into websites that will eventually help in picking career options. The goal of this assignment was to discover career options that interested me. The first website I visited was O*NET.  This website provided a 60 question survey that ranged with numerous job interests. I had five options to select for each of the 60 questions, with the options being: Strongly dislike, dislike, unsure, like, and strongly like. There were six categories of topics (color coded) and they included construction, medical, musical, social, marketing, and computer programming.

The second website I researched on was CAREER ZONES. This website had a great amount of links to click on that could take me in all different directions for a future job interest. My favorite part of the website was the part under STEM for teens. This section listed six career topics to go into and a description for each of them. The topics were art and humanities, business and information systems, engineering and technology, health services, natural and agricultural services, and human and public services.

The third website revolved around the topic of WHAT CAN I DO WITH A COLLEGE DEGREE? This website lists a bunch of career options such as careers in art, business, science, etc. and then lists different links for degrees that one can obtain for each topic. The website also gives a free resume builder and many other college planning resources. This website would be far more helpful once I am of the age of a college student as opposed to now.

The fourth website has to do with the BEST JOBS AVAILABLE IN 2015. I found this website to be the most fascinating by far out of the five websites. This website lists a bunch of different job interests, and then informs you of the highest paying jobs in 2015 for that job. The setup of the page was colorful and gave very accurate ranges of how much money a job would pay you annually. Also, if you click to see an extended list of jobs in each subcategory, then engaging job descriptions are given for a handful of jobs.

The fifth and final website I visited had to do with the OCCUPATIONAL OUTLOOK HANDBOOK for jobs. This website has a long list of occupations to choose from and has an index of jobs arranged in alphabetical order (A-Z). Also, the website consists of many subtopics such as the highest paying jobs, the fastest growing jobs, most new jobs, and many more that a viewer could find very useful.

After glancing through all of these websites, the career option that interests me is becoming a general manager for a basketball team in the NBA. I know that this would take a very high standard to reach, but I have a passion for basketball and statistics that can drive me. Aiming for this job would probably require a back-up plan, so I would still like to stay in the field of working in a basketball front office.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

My Resume

Dear Bloggers,
Here is a copy of my resume for work below! Hope you find it useful!

Evan Abramson
4 Reflection Drive
Sandwich, MA 02563

Cell Phone: 987-654-3210, Email:

Job Objective: A Summer Job on Cape Cod

Work Experience
  • Summer caddie at the Ridge Club
  • Intern as a general manager with the Cotuit Kettleers
  • Volunteer at Cape Cod Challenger Club
  • Volunteer camp counselor at Waquoit Bay
  • Sandwich rec. referee
  • Good social skills with adults and kids
  • Excel in school with A’s in every class
  • Strong work ethic
  • Put 100% effort into everything I do
  • Three season high school athlete
  • High honor roll every year in school since fifth grade
  • Won a Cape Cod Times writing contest in 8th grade
  • Honorable mention in Massachusetts sports writing contest
  • Third place in Massachusetts state science fair out of 115 people
  • Second place in Cape Cod Times writing essay
  • High MCAS scores
  • Sophomore at Sandwich High School
  • Currently taking all honors classes that are available
Hobbies & Entertainment
  • Playing sports such as basketball, soccer, and tennis
  • Keeping track of sports statistics
  • Getting good grades
  • Hanging out with friends